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Books are Better

This campaign was meant to fight the good fight on behalf of Barnes and Noble and push consumer attention back towards paper books by showing their advantages over electronic books.

Each of these ads utilize ambigram headlines so that whether they are viewed upside down or right side up they will read the same. This mirrors and emphasizes the copy that either way you look at it real books are better. 

Paper can't lose Power
Print won't Glitch
Binding won't Shatter
"Real Books" App

With each purchase of a book from Barnes and Noble customers will be given the opportunity to pay a small fee to get a specialized code printed on their receipts. On the "Real Books" app customers will then be able to scan the barcode on the back of their book and enter said code to download the audio version for free. The app will operate on a pages basis to optimize the ease with which customers can switch between physical books to audiobooks when they are on the go. 

All illustrations for the app were executed by me, myself, and I. 

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